The sixth „Daniel Herz“ competition will take place between the 7 to 14 of September 2016 on the Pirchner organ in the cathedral and the Herz/Ahrend organ in the „Frauenkirche“ of Brixen.

Organists of all nations can participate, who are
not born before 31.12.1978.

The competition will consist of one preselectional recording, one elimination round in two parts and a final audition.

Prizes are as follows:
     EUR 4,000 first prize
     EUR 2,500 second prize
     EUR 1,500 third prize

Moreover, the Comittee will arrange some
concerts for the winners, e.g.:
     Brixen, „Brixner Orgelkonzerte“
     Salzburg, „Orgelmatineen im Dom“
     Bozen, Stiftskirche Muri-Gries
     Badia, „Festival Badiamusica“
     Kaltern, „Kalterer Orgelkonzerte“
     Sand i.Taufers, „Musikultur Taufers“
     Jeunesse Österreich

Jury will consist of:
Bine Katrine Bryndorf Danmark (chair)
David Cassan France
Franz Comploi Italy
Daniel Zaretsky Russia


The application form must be send by post or mail within April 15th, 2016 to
     Cusanus Akademie, Seminarplatz 2, I-39042 Brixen, Italy
     Tel: +39/0472/832204        e-mail:
     Fax: +39/0472/837554   

The following items must be enclosed to the
application form:
     - a copy of the
identity card or passport
     - a detailed
artistic biography
     - a live (uncut)
recording (CD, MP3 or WAV) with the following programm:

1.) J. S. Bach: Trio super „Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend“ BWV 655
                              or Trio super „Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr’“ BWV 664

2.) F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Sonate II, Grave-Adagio-Allegro maestoso e vivace
            (if sending the audio files per mail please name as follows: „composer_Surname_Name“)

     - a written
declaration that the enclosed recording is authentic; the date and place
        of recording should be clearly noted.

After the deadline for the registration, the jury will choose
20 participants from the registrated candidates. The selected participants pay a registration fee of Euro 80,00 after the confirmation of their participation. The registration will be considered valid as soon as the Organization has received the registration fee.
Upon failure to attend the competition, there will be no refund of the registration fee.

Participants are responible for travel and accomodation costs.
(On request cheap accomodation can be arranged at the „Cusanus Academy“).


The elimination round is devided in two recitals and will take place on the Pirchner organ in the cathedral and on the Herz/Ahrend organ in the“Frauenkirche“. The final exam will take place again in the cathedral of Brixen/Bressanone.
They are open for the public.

Stop assistants will be provided by the Organizational Comittee.

The participants are going to
play anonymously and the order of appearance will be determined by random drawing.

The decisions of the Jury are final and not subject to review or appeal.

At the conclusion of the competition the winners will give a
gala concert
(14th September 2018, at 8 pm). The Organizational Comittee has sole rights over possible audio or video recordings made during the contest.

All participants accept the present regulation.